Parent’s Portal Features

See and experience more of your child’s day

 Mobile app: allowing parents to be connected from anywhere, at any time

The incredibly user friendly Kinder m8 mobile app lets parents see what is happening in their child’s day in real time. With instant access to their child’s information, updates and reports, parents stay current with their child’s progress and are better able to contribute to their learning and development.

 Daily Chart: giving you every detail

With the eat/sleep/nappy change chart parents can see a detailed picture of their child’s meals, rest times and toileting during the day, allowing them to enjoy the security that comes from knowing all the information that is relevant to their child’s health and wellbeing.

 Journals and Observations: keeping track of progress every step of the way

Parents no longer need to wonder how their child behaved during an activity or wait for a monthly report to see their learning journey. With our beautifully presented Journals and Observations, including photos and notes, they can enjoy seeing their children progress towards milestones.

 News Feed: a snapshot of activities and events

Parents can scroll through the news feed to get a quick look of all upcoming events and other updates posted by teachers, ‘liking’ or commenting as they go. Posts tagged with their child’s name will only appear on their feed.