Teachers/Centres Portal Feature

Create a circle of learning and improve educational outcomes

 Journal: a reflection of activities and events at the centre

Teachers can quickly and easily create activity reports that include photographs, reflections and learning tags. The result is a beautifully presented, clear and accurate picture of children’s
interests and daily learning journeys.

 Child Portfolios: every child’s details at a glance

Did Kathy take her first steps? Record it as a milestone! Detailed portfolios make it easy to record key information including milestones, medical, family and attendance records. No more searching through files for incident reports – every accident, illness and other incident reports are just a click away.

 Observations: learning stories, beautifully told

How did Peter behave during story time? Did Anne enjoy water play? Our tool allows teachers to record their observations of how a child responds or interacts during a particular activity and describe the learning that takes place. They can work with mentors and link to quality standards and criteria, working with their choice of curriculum and goals.

 Daily Chart: a detailed picture of a child’s day

The eat/sleep/nappy change chart enables teachers to record everything from what children ate at each mealtime and how long they slept at nap time to details of their toileting, including at what time they visited the toilet or had their nappy changed.

 Reports: simplified assessment procedures

Teachers can generate and share reports based on a child’s Journal, Observations and Daily Chart, giving an informative and personalised summary of the child’s development and progress during their time at the centre.

 News Feed: a fun, interactive way to share information

Did Ryan have a special moment today? Take a picture, post it on the news feed and tag him to ensure the post goes to his parents’ feed! Group photos, videos and updates can be posted to everyone, while other users can ‘like’ or comment on the updates, creating a close-knit circle of communication.


Say goodbye to hand-written messages, sticky notes and reminders with our instant messaging system – teachers can now review notes from room leaders and communicate with managers and parents easily and securely.